Imaginarium toys. Don't give it another thought and discover Imaginarium's toys... it is a special place, conceived and designed for boys and girls around the world.

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In the physical world or in the virtual world... We're waiting to surprise you!
Each collection of IMAGINARIUM toys comprises over 1,000 different, exclusive products, full of creativity and fun. They all exceed the most demanding levels of quality and safety. They also take into account the advice of parents, children and educators. Imaginarium's commitment is to contribute to the education of boys and girls.
We know that playing is essential for them, which is why IMAGINARIUM toys offer stimulation, they contribute to education and they are... Great fun!

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Educational games
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"Educational   toys and games are the best way  to learn in a fun way."
Children's Stories
educational stories
Discover Imaginarium's children's stories collection... A world of Imagination awaits you!
The ball, an essential toy
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Fascinating. Simple. Multipurpose. Round. One of the most loved toys by children of all cultures and all times. It is said to be the most perfect plaything, and it's true.[Continue]
Children's stories... They're also toys!
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They are toys that contribute to developing creativity and language skills. With the stories they will discover new ways of playing in which their imagination is the most important thing  [Continue]
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Playing is also educating, which is why choosing toys requires a lot of patience and involves, above all, a great deal of responsibility.
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Reading a story
Playing and educating: educational games, the perfect pair...
Toys suited for psychomotricity

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